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WurliTzer Opus 501

a Style 260 Special WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ.  This 3-manual, 15-rank instrument was originally installed in the Lafayette Square Theatre (aka Lafayette Theatre) in Buffalo, New York, in 1922.  The current owners, Barry Howard and Larry Fenner, purchased the organ in 2005 and completed moving it to its current location in 2007.  Over a period of 11 years the organ was completely rebuilt, releathered, refinished, and installed in their residence in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA.  The rebuilt organ consists of 16 ranks with the addition of a Gottfried Post Horn.

Opus 501 is most likely the earliest known example of a WurliTzer Style 260 that is still relatively intact and can be recognized as its original opus!


We were very honored that the "One and Only" Mark Herman featured Opus 501 during his September 26, 2020, Facebook broadcast.  You can now enjoy the one hour and fifteen minute broadcast on YouTube with better audio quality by clicking the link below.



Audio Element Sample

You are listening to Justin Nimmo playing "Wake Up And Live" on

OPUS 501 recorded in September 2018.



Gee Dad, It's A WurliTzer!