November 2017

Every one of the 1,181 pipes and 6 tuned percussions are now installed and playing!  The pictures below show the recently completed Solo Chamber, which includes (from left to right in first picture) the Kinura, Brass Trumpet, Orchestral Oboe, Quintadena, Tibia Clausa, Oboe Horn, and Brass Saxophone.  The second picture shows the same ranks (from front to back) taken from a different angle, and also shows the Tibia Clausa offsets (top and bottom of picture) and the Austin Post Horn and 16' Wood Diaphones at the left of the picture.

We also restored five WurliTzer tremulants and installed four of them to replace the dump-valve tremulants that we were previously using.  Due to space limitations, we weren't able to replace the dump-valve tremulant for the Vox Humana in the Main Chamber.  The next major step will be the tonal finishing, which is schedule for April 2018.

April 2017

The cartoon says it all!  After almost 11 years, our labor of love is nearly finished (as if a pipe organ is ever finished)!  Our friend Terry Nace has this to say about that:  "An organ is never's just abandoned!"  The Brass Saxophone, Oboe Horn, and Tibia Clausa are now playing, so we have 12 ranks operational.  The Quintadena has been cleaned and the damaged pipes are being repaired, and we're currently cleaning the Orchestral Oboe.  After these two ranks are finished and on the chest we'll install the Brass Trumpet and Kinura, which have already beem cleaned, and all 16 ranks will be playing.  The Brass Trumpet and Brass Saxophone were beautifully restored and revoiced by Joe Clipp at Trivo Company Inc., in Hagerstown, MD.  The brass ranks were included in the original specification of Opus 501 but were not with the organ when it was removed from the Lafayette Theatre in 1962.  We decided to restore the organ to its original specification by purchasing the brass ranks, both of which were found on eBay!

The picture above shows (from left to right) an Austin Orchestral Trumpet (made for the organ to replace the original Brass Trumpet and will be replaced by the newly acquired Brass Trumpet), Quintadena, Tibia Clausa (15" wind pressure), Oboe Horn, and Brass Saxophone.

WANTED:  If you are the owner of "The WurliTzer Pipe Organ: An Illustrated History" with "Opus 501" printed on the cover, we would gladly purchase a new copy of the book for you if you would kindly consider trading your copy to us.  We didn't yet own Opus 501 when the book was published and consequently didn't request that edition.  Just go to the "Contact Us" section of this website and send us an email.  We would REALLY appreciate it!





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