Here is a list of some of our favorite links:


American Theatre Organ Society:  Dedicated to the preservation of a unique art form -- the theatre pipe organ and its music.


Appell Center for the Performing Arts (formerly the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center):  Home of the 3/20 WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ that is maintained by the Susquehanna Valley Theatre Organ Society. 


Arndt Organ Supply Company:  Source for theatre organ replacements parts.


Artisan Intruments, Inc.:  The manufacturer of the Artisan Micro-MIDI Control System used on Opus 501.


The Backyard Woodshop, 121 West Second Street, Hummelstown, PA 17036 (717-566-9469): Home of "Old World Craftmanship" furniture restoration and refinishing, where our console was beautifully restored to its original mahogany finish.


Carlton Smith Pipe Organ Restorations: Carlton Smith and Clark Wilson performed the all-inportant tonal finishing of the organ to allow it to sound as good as it does.


Cinema Treasures:  A website containing information about theatres.  Information about the Lafayette Theatre can be found here.


Clark Wilson: Clark Wilson and Carlton Smith performed the all-important tonal finishing of the organ to allow it to sound as good as itt does.


Columbia Organ Leathers:  The world's largest purveyer of fine Chrome Tanned Leathers for the pipe organ and our source for high quality organ leather. and also home to Columbia Organ Works.


Crome Organ Company, P.O. Box 18212, Reno, Nevada 89511, (775) 852-1080,


Dickinson Theatre Organ Society:  Home of the renowned 3/66 Kimball theatre pipe organ, one of the largest and best-maintained theatre organs in the world.  We've been attending concerts at DTOS since 1970.


The Hanover Organ:  Don Phipps' website for the installation of his "Phipps Experience" 4/35 WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ in the Hanover Theatre, located in Worcester, MA, which will be featured during the 2011 National Convention of the American Theatre Organ Society.


Hesco Incorporated:  A leading custom injection molding and engraving supplier to the pipe organ industry since 1950 and manufacturers of the new stop tablets used on Opus 501.


Organ Historical Society : A great source for theatre pipe organ compact discs that can be found here.


Organ Supply Industries, Inc.:   Source for theatre organ replacement parts.


R. J. Brunner & Co.:  A full service pipe organ building, rebuilding, and service company located near Lancaster, PA, and our source for pipe repair and replacement parts.


Susquehanna Theatre Organ Society:  Dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Theater Organs and to their use in musical performances. Proudly supporting the Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ at the Capitol Theater in York, PA.



Syndyne Corporation:  The manufacturer of the stop action magnets (SAMs) used on Opus 501.



The Theatre Organ Home Page:  Source of all kinds of information pertaining to the theatre pipe organ.


Trivo Company, Inc.; Joe Clipp and his associates in Hagarstown, MD, expertly and beautifully restored our Brass Trumpet and Brass Saxaphone.



WurliTzer Opus List: Database containing information about WurliTzer organs.  Information about Opus 501 can be found here.






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