In 1962 WurliTzer Opus 501 was sold to Donald Borden, who then lived in Mentor, Ohio.  Mr. Borden removed the last parts of the organ from the Lafayette as it was being demolished.  Since the 32í octave of the wooden diaphones was installed horizontally above the proscenium, the pipes were not removed and were demolished with the theatre.  The original Brass Trumpet  from the organ is currently installed as the Trumpet en Chamade in Temple Beth Zion in Buffalo, New York.  The location of the original brass saxophone is unknown.  The organ was installed in Mr. Bordenís home, and was used for ATOE (now ATOS) gatherings and was played by many artists including Johnny Seng, Lee Erwin, Ashley Miller, and Leonard MacClain.  (This information was taken from a posting about the Lafayette Theatre on the Cinema Treasures website.)




Gee Dad, It's A WurliTzer!